The purpose of the Sunday school department at Emmanuel Baptist Church is "To glorify God through teaching that will change lives in a loving atmosphere."


Will be the King James Bible with Bible study helps.


The Bible will be set forth in a systematic manner including, topically, specific themes, by chapter and verse, and principles addressing certain current issues. These studies will make proper divisions according to age, grade or grouping of people. All curriculum is approved before it is used. The methods of study and teaching will involve lecture, group discussion and Bible lessons. For most Children we use the RBP curriculum.


Must be members of EBC whose lives are examples children can look to. Only teachers who have good testimonies and are proven Christian examples, are asked to teach. All teachers must sign information questionnaires to be approved by leadership to have the opportunity to serve as a teacher. Various training sessions are provided for teachers to improve there skills. Teachers encourage parents to ask questions about any area of the classroom.


Our Sunday School wing is spacious,secure,and well maintained for the church family. Parents are encouraged to visit their children's classrooms on occassion. The Sunday School wing is located on the back of the church structure.