Pastor Steve Rebert

Steve Rebert, Sr.  / Senior Pastor

I was born in Hanover, PA. I graduated from Southwestern High School in 1975. It was a wonderful day in March of 1978 that the Lord brought me to the end of myself. After settling the matter of my salvation, the Lord graciously saved my wife a few months later at a Fellowship after the evening service. The faithful prayers of my parents and countless others were answered by a gracious God, and He totally transformed our lives. Together we began to be involved in the church ministry.

It was our attendance at the Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evening services in particular that really enhanced our growth in the Lord. We involved ourselves in the ministry opportunities around us. I ushered, became involved in visitation, and helped with building maintenance, while Donna taught Kindergarten in the Christian school. I then assisted as a bus captain in a route running to Littlestown, which I eventually took over. We were also privileged to serve with the teenagers in study times before the Sunday Evening services.

In January of 1980, our family moved to Greenville, South Carolina, where I attended Bob Jones University. I graduated there in May of 1985. The Lord then opened the door of the Pastorate of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Winchester, Virginia. This September, Donna and I have been serving at Emmanuel for 29 years. Our oldest son, Steve, is now the Assistant Pastor here at Emmanuel. Our son, Paul serves as a Pastor in Danville IL. Our daughter, Holly is married to a young man here at Emmanuel. David is working in here in Winchester, and our youngest, Julie is married to a man that she met at college.

Pastor and Mrs. Steve Rebert, Jr.

Steve Rebert Jr. / Assistant Pastor

Steve and Sarah met while attending Pensacola Christian College. They have four children: Leah, Jack, Luke, and Ross

Pastor Steve has a BA in Music Ministries from Pensacola and a Master of Ministries from Bob Jones. He pastored for 4 years in Akron, OH; was the Assistant Pastor for 1 year in Lima, OH; and was Youth Pastor here at EBC for 2 years. His experience includes: preaching, teaching an adult Sunday School class as well as writing the lessons, developing a visitation program, teaching and practicing personal evangelism, overseeing major physical improvements to church buildings, counseling, conducting weddings and funerals, developing lessons and teaching teens; and conducting Children's Church and Wednesday night children's ministries.

Sarah has an Elementary Education degree from PCC which she uses to homeschool their children. She has conducted Ladies Bible studies, mentored and disciple women one-on-one, emphasized and practiced hospitality in their home, and spoken at Ladies events.